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Since you're here, I imagine you wanna know a bit more about me. I'm Giacomo and I started developing when I was a little kid, living in a very little town in Italy.

I love seeing digital products come to life through hours of coding. My main technology is JavaScript and I've used it quite extensively in my work.
I've written up to now a huge amount of code, mostly for companies. I've also taught Angular and React privately to employees through exclusive workshops. I've always worked as a remote freelancer, establishing both long relationships and occasional ones.

I love to lead teams towards coding best practices. For some time now, I work as a front-end senior engineer with @musixmatch on their React Native apps.

Whatever framework, library, or piece of code written in JavaScript you can name... I've used it (for fun or for profit) 😀

Look how cool I am with those glasses 😎