Giacomo Cerquone

Software Developer

Computer science student, software developer focused on front-end web developing with 2+ work experience as freelance. Javascript addicted, striving for fast and efficient code. Plus cinephile, astronomy lover and passionate about new technologies and tasty teas.
Writer and Admin and


Here you can see what I know best.


JavaScript (Functional and OO) CSS/Sass/LESS React.js Redux Angular 2/4/5 Node.js MongoDB Express.js Mongoose Passport


Babel Git Jest Mocha Typescript Npm Yarn


A list of my publications on free online resources.

Wikipedia: ECMAScript Apply Angular Routing, Facebook bot


These are some projects I developed. You can also find them in my github profile.

Future Imperfect Tumblr Theme

This is my first theme for tumblr that started from an html5up template. Download it for free checking out Github. Don't forget to read the blog post too!

Univaq Informatica Bot

This is a bot I developed for my university. It's able to share news and do a lot of other things. It's written in python and you can also checkout the code on Github. Don't forget to read the blog post too.

Butter Remote Controller

This is a remote controller for Butter (the new Popcorn Time) built on a library I developed to manage the json-rpc protocol. Check out Github and have a look at the blog post.

Arduino Projects

While I love web developing, it's not the only thing I do when I write code. I used to work on Arduino too and here you can find some of the projects I did: Pong, Jingle Bells played on a buzzer, a vumeter and something more. Check out Github and here the blog post for the jingle bell things :D